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Art of Maria Iurskaya

Review by Prof-Dr. Michael Suharev about Maria Iurskaya’s art

A young painter Maria Iurskaya creates her own, unique, original human images, working on the base of the photographic image, that become for a long time habitual in the contemporary practice of the fine arts. The photography  remains the reference point, the so called “sea level” above which glide like the clouds in the sky the inspiring picturesque level of the visible people. Naturally, the author used that effective and bright language of expressionism, in accordance with her strong temperament and poetical zest for life. However the author doesn’t stop at the formal meaning of the lines and coloured spots. The painter goes in the opposite direction of the historic developement  of the painting, through the tough expressionism to the soft and elegant  impression of the flowing moments of life. To the impressionistic perception of the woman, men, children with their unique character, oroginality of the soul, manifestation of the feelings. The essence of the talent of the painter is in her love for people – her heroes and rare psychological permeability. The picturesque portraits become the works of art, due to the fine attention of the painter to the character of human personality.

The author possesses the understanding of the emotions, the admiration of the soul burst and the contemplation of the heart condition. The painter shares with us her recognition of the gem of every bright or difficult movement of the human soul, in the quickly passing, fleeting, flying time of our life – a sharp look, a laugh, a deep though, a tone of the swarthy skin or a mess of the hair…

The painter makes small symbolic novels from the realistic images akin to the romantic symbolism of Francisco Goya and Italian neorealism of Renato Guttuzo. The works of the painter rise above the monotonuous middle stream of similar creative attempts by means of the active and deep artistic perception, the particular gift of the intuition, the sincerity and already accumulated picturesque and graphic compositional skill. Bathing toghether with all us in the mainstream of the contemporary postmodern realisation, the painter directs us unintentionally, without realising herself, to the depth world painting history, to the attitude of the world perception of the last centuries, to the ways of seeing and feeling a human being such great painters as Eduard Manet.

Michael Suharev, Prof.-Dr., art historian, Moscow.

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