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Portrait with energies

portrait with energies

Here is the description of portraits with energies. The basic things which are taken are person’s photo and live chat. The main idea in creating a portrait is to reflect a person’s energy, its best qualities. I create a portrait the way I feel the person emotionally and energetically. And I make it in a special condition of flux. While creating a portrait I deeply analyze the facial features of a person, I try to feel his condition and energy. Therefore, the analysis of this information is reflected in a portrait. The ability to feel person”s energy comes from my childhood, the same as the desire to draw people. My grandmother healed people using the power of her hands. I use this skill in pictorial art, in studying human nature, and then I tie this up to a portrait. To create a portrait I use watercolor because of the incredible play of colors, its vividness and its possibility to transmit the image. The portrait is created in a special fashion way. I also work in other techniques, please use the gallery annex. There is also a psychological effect in portraits with energies, a person likes to see itself in such an implementation, even if it is unconscious, it steel feels outgoing flow of energy. Positive transformation, self-esteem and feeling of unconditional love happens. Real love is the thing we miss, and love is never too much.   energy portrait   portrait with energies   energy portrait



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