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Art of Maria Iurskaya

Category archive: Water color

Spring mood arround

watercolor, paper, pastel, 42×30 cm. Painting for sale is without without any writings over it.


In the moonlight..

watercolor, paper, 2015


Faschion watercollor

2015, paper, coffee, watercolor


Femenity borns inside …

watercolor, paper, 2015 energy description in process


“Dual reality”

In childhood I thought that we all live in one big world, but with time I could find the proofs that there are planty of world around. Especially in our mind. Here also we ca meet diffrent parts of our so native personality. Appearing of this portrait has interesting story.


Colorful woman

Real woman is like a brilliant – allways playing with bright colors and shining. In now days is very rare to find a woman full of good energy wich can inspire warm and transform everything arround to something very good and great. This portrait dedicated to such kind of woman.


Whisper frоm dreams

How many times we can’t remind our dreams, which probably was very important to understand. Do you know that if you have a clean mind without prejudices, so you can see in dreams signs important for your lofe. May be Sandra wispers it to you right now….. Just listen to them


Moonlight – endless beauty

watercolor, 2014 Beauty can save the world, said Dostoevsky. Beauty which we can notice arround and inside us. I think its not only about In this painting I want to share with my love to moonlight and its special wonderfull effect. When I see the full moon in the sky, I want to endlessly admire


The redhead charm in the autumn forest

As usually in the autumn there are many grey days and you miss something special. In now days I am inspired by redhead girls. I think its something more than just a color of hair. It is a status inside… Redhead status. Its something magic which can take you in other worlds and make you


Mood to enjoy the present

The real woman has exiting emotions, allways so sweet and tasty. This watercolor painting  is about enjoying the present. And some women have possibility to express in the best way their emotions.

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