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Art of Maria Iurskaya

Category archive: Portreits

Drops of life

Oil pastel, energy, silver, paper, 29×21 cm. I think that every person has its sad and its happy story. Some situations – resentment, anger, words that get stuck in memory, they are similar to needles. These needles eat your body and prevent free to go through life. Throw them away, because you are the Creator


Miss Iris – The Goddess of Rainbow

oil pastel, paper, gold, 29×21 cm, 2014. Our thoughts are like colors for the artist paint a picture of life. Don’t like mood of the picture – change the colors. She is miss Iris – The goddess of the rainbow! And what colors mean in this painting? The dark blue color – is a symbol of


What did you say?

21×29 cm, coffe, gold, 2014 “Usually people says something what others want to hear, but true part they keep in hidden place. ” But why they do so? It is much easier to be honest and tell the truth. Of course, the many facets of the truth, but it is always one. You can always start


Bob Dylan’s winning process…

42×30 cm, good italian coffee and gold, watercolor paper Hello, dear friend. Before you read I want to say you that this work is done only with coffee .. yes yes – with coffee which you got used to drink in the morning, or people around you))). I added only gold brushstrokes somewhere , its not


Memories of autumn

Autumn its time of gold results, time when nature is giving us the best of itself. And also its time before rebooting all around. In autumn is special energies around – of health, good work, and undenstanding yourself in the deepest way. I hope my work can help you to save the gold status of


Bob Dylan – a singing soul.

Life is a series of our actions and decisions. Do we always make the right choice? And how many people choose theirself, to live their true life to the fullest. Bob Dylan is one of those people who breathe in deeply. There are many singers and musicians, but very few of them whose music has


Stories – couple

Secret ingridient, watercolor, 21×29 cm. “Adrew Hepbern & Mel Ferrar”


Portreit – Robert de Niro’s emotion

Secret ingridient, water color. You can buy original picture or order digital good quality vertion.



Dry brush, 30×40 cm, 2012. (participated in exhibition)     This portreit made in the technique dry brush. It is a very morden style of painting. It allows to make portreits faster and to show face in  original way. As allways i put in mypictures special type  of energy which saves in them after.  



Portreit by dry brush, 30×40 cm,  2013 “Insight!”  

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