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Art of Maria Iurskaya

Invest In Art

Collecting work by emerging artists is the best way to begin investing in art. A painting which you had bought yeaterday after some time can cost much more.

Maria Iurskaya is an emerging artist with big perspective. And now you can do profitable investment using not so big amount. The value of the purchased works can only grow with time. Art historian and critiс about Maria’s art>>

The most part of money from selling paintings is going for developing art career – organazing art events and exhibitions, participating in competitions. In this way your investing become more worth with time.

To start investing you can in the  gallery  by yourself or to ask about consultation at the bottom of the page.

invest in art

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Oh, its a very interesting opportunity, and this lady look like a very perspective painters. I go for more works.

Top! Maria Iurskaya