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Art of Maria Iurskaya

Thoughts near the sea

Secret ingridient, watercolor, 30x40cm. This picture reflects internal processes of the person, immersion in itself, then when it is necessary to carry out deeper studying of ourselfs, and the intuition is more often is like image of a woman. Here girl sits at the coast, if you noticed, she touches something in hands. The sea is the subconscious, and her hair are directed there, the new knowledge to us comes from there. One corner is darkened, bcs we cant never know everything, especially from subconsciousness. Patches of light from the sun indicate that girl, after all sooner or later in her mind will be an inspiration, an enlightenment. The horse is more man’s sign, active, this is internal connection with external world, and the external part is waiting for completion of process. The mountain is a demonstration that this process is not the last one, and after learning lessons at this level, you will reach next. The picture is filled with energy which stimulates the person in similar process if it is at that place where it performs internal work, the analysis, search, inspirations more often.

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