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Art of Maria Iurskaya

The redhead charm in the autumn forest

redhead woman by watercolor

As usually in the autumn there are many grey days and you miss something special. In now days I am inspired by redhead girls. I think its something more than just a color of hair. It is a status inside… Redhead status. Its something magic which can take you in other worlds and make you warm and feeling exiting whenever you are. Also this work is from seria “Positive art transformations” and it really may fill you by something good, inspiring to be more creative than usually.

Did you know, that the longer hair person have the person the better intuition is developed. THis read head woman is very magic and deep person. Her hair strive upwords in the sky. In the little brook you can see reflections of her hair. In ages people was afraid nice women with long and specially red hair, becouse they couldn understand the deepness of their beauty, and influence of it on the enviroment. People allways afraid what they can’t understand. Also I used antethesis painting wasteland arround so sad, so apatic. I want to represent that one person can change enviroment, she can warm it, and transform energies into good one. I want to say by words of Dostoevsky – “Beauty can save the world”. Its true I now, because true beauty can inspire and transfom enviromen into positive. And this painting express this energy. I hope you can feel it. Pls write down what you see.
Enjoy this watercolor piece of art and share with it, and your emotions.


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