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Art of Maria Iurskaya

A choiсe..


We all make choiсes, every day, every moment of our life.  Anyone can say that life is a rock, but its not enough to loose hopes of life.  This picture is dedicated to the human minds. Becouse if a person see something bad and pay attention to the bad things – in this moment they change their life. You can predict how. Andnowyou have a great chance do not  follow such way. Do not kill your soul by thinking bad,byfeeling badto other peoples. “Backbiting extinguishes the light of the heart and destroys the life of the soul”. /Bahaulla/ You can see better some partsofthis work: 1. Here you can find how bad thoughts poison the space around, and it has influence on other people, even thou they don’t know about this, but they can feel: mind influence   2. Our thoughts aren’t ours at all, our brain lives in ocean of diffrent thoughts. zloslovie 3.  People think that if they slander from time to time they canfly far from this easy. But with dirty wings  its not easy to do. human emotions   4. People allways have a choise, what to do….   energy painting     My singing experiments during painting:


it seems that life takes place regularly on all of them, like a stream of water, all are carried away by the current regardless of anything, but that girl on the right seems to lift her head and thinking, as if trying to understand the flow of water where it comes from, as if she is thinking to her role of human person

MariaIurskaya says:

thank you! Your point of view is interesting to me

Злословия порождают монстра, который людей убивает – факт, суровая действительность, потом люди становятся агрессивными и мстительными – эта девушка вливается в число толпы… это жизнь человека

Backbitings born monsters, which can kill people – its a proof, its harsh reality, and after people become agressive and vengefull. This girl flows into the crowd… This is the life of the human

MariaIurskaya says:

Спасибо, за интересное видение! Это то, что ты увидел. Иногда именно таки происходит, но у каждого есть выбор следовать течению, или быть осознанным, она именно перед этим выбором, или она может стать личностью, которая может источником благоприятного влияния вокруг. Как знать …

Thank you for your very interesting view! Its that you had seen here. Exactly sometimes is like this, but everybody has choise to follow the stream, or to be conscious. She is before making choise, or may be she is a person who can be like a sourse of good transform influence around. Who knows ….

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