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Art of Maria Iurskaya

About me

Dear ladies and gentelmen,

My name is Maria Iurskaya, I am a painter, writer and sinemologist. I am agree with Dostoevsky that beauty (in diffrent meanings) can save the peace.

I am glad to see you here… and I want to introduce you with in what way I feel art and make it. Also you can read review of my art by great artist and art historian Michael Suharev.

So, now my interpretating of what I am creating:

A man and his feelings is the main theme of my works. The way he feels, his inner world, his choices in life. I like to show the contrast of human emotions and feelings, for example, the picture named “The blue hourse, bringing happiness“, “The Red charm in the autumn forest“. I feel people very well – their motives, their fears, their happiness.

I was able to understand my energy and to rule it, and I was able to feel people, the way they live, what can help them or on the contrary can harm them. I discovered the method of feeling the picture with energy, by experimentising with technique on the paper and studing the laws of interaction of people’s energy. In the case when the picture has its own energy and it can change the disposition, the state,  thoughts, of the person that admires it. I work with oil painting, water color, pastel technique. I adore to paint with coffee. By means of my works and their decoding I want to propose people to analize the main aspects of life, that can change it. For example the slander picture (“A choice“) painted with coffee, invites you to meditate on the global power of the negative thoughts of people over their hearts and souls. Other pictures are used as the tests on the men’s states and his feelings at this very moment. (“Some thoughts near the sea“). There are some pictures, that seems to be just the portraits, the man is simply a man, famous or not, but you feel his energy, even it may seem to you that he is so ready to tell you something, that he captures your attention entirely (“De Niro“, “Sparkling kindness“). This is the way the picture is filled with energy. Despite the simplicity of the plot portrait painting is my favorite theme. I think that every man is like an universe, that may be stadied infinitely. Every person has a deposit of a wonderfull potential that is given to make our lives the whole world better. I want to help people in realing that idea by means of my creation. My pictures may influence the man’s inner world. Now I am working at the activation of all the best qualities of the person that the pictures and portraits  may provide on the emotional and energetical level, helping him to follow the necessary vibrations of life. (“The Muse nr.1“, “The Muse nr.2“). If this picture is placed in the space where a person spends a lot of time, it will influence him absolutely beneficially.

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