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Art of Maria Iurskaya

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Borned2smile. SOLD

Portrait with energies for wonderfull girl in London. This woman is full of life and she is always curios about what going on. She is creative and sometimes she is a muse.


Out of the time

2015 Sometimes we want to have a day was 36 hours, maybe it’s better to organize 24? Иногда нам хочется чтобы в сутках было 36 часов, может лучше хорошо организовать 24?


Muse nr.2

Earlier I painted “Muse nr.1” and she is so cute, young and full of creativity. And indeed now this painting inspiring a young girl to grow a real great woman. Next painting about muses is diffrent, she is more adult and in the same time deep person. Some funs in my facebook page says, that


Muse nr.1

Some women have special power inside they are like an ocean of positive inspiration, like a meaning of real love, they are a proof that exist something magic in the world. I name such type of woman – Muse, a real Muse. In our days! They exist! This painting is dedicated to them. P.S. Am


“Sparkling kindness”

21x30cm, paper, coffee. This old man has yong and inspiring soul inside. You can feel a sparkling kindness thorogh his eyes. The coffee-gold technique is the best to show his attractive inner world.  


Moonlight – endless beauty

watercolor, 2014 Beauty can save the world, said Dostoevsky. Beauty which we can notice arround and inside us. I think its not only about In this painting I want to share with my love to moonlight and its special wonderfull effect. When I see the full moon in the sky, I want to endlessly admire


The redhead charm in the autumn forest

As usually in the autumn there are many grey days and you miss something special. In now days I am inspired by redhead girls. I think its something more than just a color of hair. It is a status inside… Redhead status. Its something magic which can take you in other worlds and make you


All what you have is a faith in yourself

Every person in life can happen diffrent things, and that saves of the most hopeless situations is faith in yourself. Yes, exactly. It’s like the story of Baron Munchausen, when he pulls himself out of the swamp. Now the power that can pull is the faith in yourself. I drew this girl, because inside her


Wild horse bringing happiness

2013, 35х50 cm   Do you know that the best your time is in this year? In this new year there are a lot of possibilities .. may be more than ever. Its important to have a symbol strong horse at home. Do you know that from the first mounth in this year starts a


Bob Dylan – a singing soul.

Life is a series of our actions and decisions. Do we always make the right choice? And how many people choose theirself, to live their true life to the fullest. Bob Dylan is one of those people who breathe in deeply. There are many singers and musicians, but very few of them whose music has

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