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Art of Maria Iurskaya

Category archive: Portreits

Borned2smile. SOLD

Portrait with energies for wonderfull girl in London. This woman is full of life and she is always curios about what going on. She is creative and sometimes she is a muse.


Irina&Marco. SOLD

Again meet the seria “How Do I feel the person” in ‪#‎NotBoringWaterColor‬technique. Today it’s a wonderfull couple with beautifull inspiring Irina and her husband Marco. I want to emphasize – that woman is a center of feelings and emotions for a man. Her main role to be happy, and everything arround become rainbow. Who is interested


Summer mood

A little bit of sadness in this summer day – its not good, its not bad, its just emotion I forgot the time when I often had  a melancholic mood. But it happend. Colorfull summer with sad emotion, one day  


Lightfull Irina

I opened a seria of portraits – “How do I feel the person” in watercolor and coffee story technique. Irina has very light and kind energy, she allways inspire others to be more friendly and to be in the good mood. Her aura is special and very gentle. Who is interested in this line of


Spring mood arround

watercolor, paper, pastel, 42×30 cm. Painting for sale is without without any writings over it.


Femenity borns inside …

watercolor, paper, 2015 energy description in process


Muse nr.2

Earlier I painted “Muse nr.1” and she is so cute, young and full of creativity. And indeed now this painting inspiring a young girl to grow a real great woman. Next painting about muses is diffrent, she is more adult and in the same time deep person. Some funs in my facebook page says, that


“Sparkling kindness”

21x30cm, paper, coffee. This old man has yong and inspiring soul inside. You can feel a sparkling kindness thorogh his eyes. The coffee-gold technique is the best to show his attractive inner world.  


Mood to enjoy the present

The real woman has exiting emotions, allways so sweet and tasty. This watercolor painting  is about enjoying the present. And some women have possibility to express in the best way their emotions.


All what you have is a faith in yourself

Every person in life can happen diffrent things, and that saves of the most hopeless situations is faith in yourself. Yes, exactly. It’s like the story of Baron Munchausen, when he pulls himself out of the swamp. Now the power that can pull is the faith in yourself. I drew this girl, because inside her

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