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Art of Maria Iurskaya

Category archive: Painting by oil


Oil 40x30cm A woman who wants to live in love..


Flamengo in the heart

oil, cartboard, canvas, 41×51 cm We don’t know how it works but woman inspiring allways. Woman who can manage her body perfectly. As flamengo teachers says – woman don’t know her body, and that’s why she is unhappy, she moves unnatural, has bad habbites. Every woman needs to learn herself to be friendly with her


Beauty goes from inside

70x50cm, oil, canvas


Fire bird

Painting by oil, 2013, 22×30 cm. Fire bird turning in the girl. She is kind and gentle girl in day, at night she is  a fire bird.  


A moon man …

(Oil, canvas, 16×20 cm, 2013)  


Sea woman in the sky…

Painting by oil, 70×50 cm, 2011 “Sea woman in the sky”. She appeared just now, when you started look at her. This woman is everywhere and she is nowhere. It is a simbol of unlimited femal energy which is like an ocean. This picture gives love and gladness in the place where it is.

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